Monday, December 18, 2006

Are yer?

"An' now, fer not showin' headstrong, isn' it an accusation o' bein' weak?
Was it a Huzzah, er words o' courage tha' yer wanted, or even now, seek?
Isn' it the strawman seems ter hava problem, keepin' his hat on?
Ah, doan imagine it'll go easier, once all'a problems are gone.

Aye! Ai-ai-ai, is our world up for feeble tricks, o' feeble minds a' feeble pricks?
Weaker still, an' all puffed up, yet strainin' all ter swing bigger sticks.
All the while, waitin' fer the fallow, the long-sufferin' Earth
gets no needed Jubilee, owin' ta the commonsense dearth.

Takin' a moment 'er two outta yer rare an' troubled sleep,
Yer powerful leaders ought ter stop th' doin's an' weep.
Then put them feet up an' relax, for th' work's already done;
The talkin', an' showin' a' respect fer th' livin', are ideas all on th' run."

Yet another bit of obscure Auld Bollocks doggerel, the exact meaning of this rustic quatrain is unknown. Unfortunately, the A.B. weren't too keen on selling second-hand oats. Whether out of sheer laziness or other motivation, the feeling seems to have been that further explanation only added needless confusion, and was thus a waste of time.


Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

I think that it IS all about swingin' bigger sticks and that our leaders aren't going to stop.
I was watching NOW and Colin Powell's assistant was talking about how many times Colin asked George Tenet about the authenticity of the accusations against Saddam...meanwhile Cheney was over at Langeley every other day trying to pressure them into 'giving' them a reason to go into Iraq.
The inner Cabal won the day and sacrificed Powell as their sacrificial lamb at the infamous UN declaration of intent to invade Iraq....the post 911 nerves still twitching and all the king's men were itching for a fight with visible enemy...and the rest is history.

9:33 PM PST  
Blogger grumblefish said...

It was n'er the beggin o' fergiveness, tha' was n'er in doubt. The one way in baffles less than the million ways out. Day or night, in er outta the fight, how much o' what's to be seen is in plain sight?

Have a great holiday, HE!

11:07 PM PST  

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