Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Place and Date to Punctuate

Calendars are second only to clocks, when it comes to things that beg to be ignored. Sure, there has to be a readily agreeable way for people to get activities synchronized, to commemorate events and celebrate things in one's life that have either happened already, are happening, or have yet to occur- until something better comes along, I guess I'll have to use these crude devices to delimit the various sentences of living. Actually, run-on sentences and lives will chug along nicely, unattended, in their own little continua, until someone or something takes a hand to alter their courses.

Good thing there are plenty of hands to go around. With any luck, the resolutions I make this New Year's eve will be safely interred by April Fool's Day, with only a chuckle to acknowledge their inception.

Leave a light on, and I'll probably visit in the new year. Have a good one, but don't forget to play nice while celebrating, on New Year's Eve! .


Blogger sirbarrett said...

I didn't really officially make New Year's resolutions this year although I do believe they are important to some and have been to me in the past. Perhaps my fortune cookies can give us all some ideas if we haven't come up with them on our own?:

"Don't worry about money. The best things in life are free."


"Focus on your long term goal."

9:18 PM PST  
Blogger grumblefish said...

Howdy sirbarret!

Glad to hear from you again.
Fortune cookies probably make as
accurate a barometer of the future
as these over-paid talking heads,
and they're more to the point. I figure that, if i have to procrastinate until New Years, my
vices (few, but mighty) will get the better of me anyway.

8:28 PM PST  
Blogger {illyria} said...

i left my light on, but you never showed up! lol

happy new year's, hon. it's been great knowing you.

5:20 PM PST  
Blogger grumblefish said...

Ditto, sweet illyria! Glad you popped over ( a welcome treat!). I have been lured to you many times by your great "cooking", but the cat likes to lay around under the porch light.

9:14 AM PST  
Blogger mistipurple said...

i know i'm late.
making fire with stones take a while.
have a good 2007 fishy!

8:34 PM PST  
Blogger grumblefish said...

Thanks, misti! I don't think that
2007 will be too tedious (for any
of us) - hope it's fine for you.

3:03 AM PST  
Blogger The Fool said...

And a hearty and happy new year to the fish! My run-on sentences will continue to run on and my continua will...ummm, continue. Ahem. The best to you and your wonderful writing. :)

3:04 AM PST  
Blogger grumblefish said...

Howdy, TF-
How goes it? Have you put the boots to those phantasms over at Thurbers old house? It's good to hear from you again- hope your new
year is shaping up nicely!

6:47 PM PST  
Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

2007 is going fast and I have never felt so uneasy about how many things could go wrong on the global stage...that being said I have tempered this paranoia by cradling my inner child who says WHATEVER and suddenly everything gonna be alright.
Weird eh?

8:42 PM PST  
Blogger grumblefish said...

Yeah, a steady diet of this worlds miseries just depresses the hell of one, without any sign of relief or redemption. At least part of getting back on track takes
more than a little introspection-
it's more like recalibrating a host of expectations, and honestly
examining the things we count as
"modern conveniences". Long faces
(in the end) aren't really any more useful than teats on a bull,
if our basic nature and motivations remain otherwise unchanged. I can't tell you how many people I know who go through
similar daily rituals, with no
sense of fulfilment or satisfaction
to show for their efforts. I'm not
surprised at how their misplaced passions manifest themselves.
As always, sage comments from
you, hEscapeons- thanks for popping

9:10 PM PST  
Blogger Paul said...

G-Fish, happy 07 to you and yours -


9:33 PM PST  
Blogger grumblefish said...

Howdy Paul-
Welcome to the new year. Got to
hand it to you for a chameleonic blogging style- no moss growing under those feet! Glad you're back.

7:31 PM PST  
Blogger The Fool said...

I'm not afraid of the phantasm as much as I'm afraid of my own fear. However, I am considering asking the powers that be at Thurber House to allow me to do some electronic recording of the phenomenom. That would be hair-raising indeed.

11:06 AM PST  

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